Ghosts are back, haunting the surrounding manors. Up to four teams of hunters will try to expel them, while avoiding the traps set by their opponents. Only the most efficient and discerning team will win the game.


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The game is made of 55 cards containing:

  • 19 Manor cards (Ghost Manor cards with a value from 1 to 5, Shared Manor cards, and Booby-trapped Manor cards)
  • 9 Hunter cards composing each one of the four Hunters teams. One team includes Basic, Tandem, Detector, Over-equipped and Call for Help hunters. 

Manor card – Face down

Manor card – 4 Value Ghost

Booby-trapped Manor card

Shared Manor card







Basic Hunter card

Detector Hunter card

Over-equipped Hunter card








Each player gets a team of nine Hunter cards, as well as 4 randomly drawn Manor cards, which he places face down in front of him, in the order he chooses, after having looked at them. Then, each player turns one of them face up and places a hunter in front of one of his Manors.


The players must judiciously place their Hunters in front of the Manors they think will bring most points (with most Ghosts), while turning their opponents away from these Manors. 

Game Flow

The players take turn playing. During his game turn, a player places one of his hunters in front of a Manor card, belonging to him or to an opponent, provided that the Manor does not already contain 4 hunters. After he has chosen where to place it, the player can expel one of the Hunters, who is already present in this Manor, belonging to him or another player. The owner of the Hunter must immediately place it in another Manor.

Some of the hunters have special skills: a Detector Hunter allows to flip an opponent’s Manor card face up before being placed, a Call for Help hunter allows to move a Hunter, belonging to the player or one of his opponents and already placed in a Manor, into the Manor where he has just been placed. An Over-equipped hunter can neither be expelled, nor be called, and a Tandem hunter doubles the number of points but can never be called for help.

End of the game

The game ends when all the Hunter cards have been placed. The Manor cards are all turned over and the players now know which Manor will bring most points! The Ghost Manors yield 1 to 5 points per hunter present, while the Booby-trapped Manors yield points only to the owner of the Manor. It means that his opponents’ hunters do not yield any point! To finish, in the Shared Manors, the fewer the hunters are, the most points they yield.

The player with most points owns the most efficient Hunters team, and wins the game!




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