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If you want to get some information about our games or simply to get in touch with us to ask a question, please fill in the following form. We will answer your message as soon as possible. If you have created a game that could fit in one of our lines – respecting the criteria you can read here – you can enclose a Pdf file (maximum size 1 mega octet) to the following form. You need to include the rules of your game, but not necessarily the elements to make the prototype. It is therefore useless to attach high quality images, low quality will be enough. The quality of the images will not influence our decision and might increase the size of the file, and prevent us from getting it. You will get automatically an e-mail asserting that we have received your message, and that we got the rules of your game. We apologize about it, but we will not be able to answer to each game project in an individual way. So we will send you another message only if we are interested in the game. In this case, be ensured that we will get in touch with you! To finish, we will not answer to unsolicited applications.