About us


Ilopeli is a young game publishing company, created at the beginning of 2011. Its main objective is to publish, on the one end, games that are playable by children but also fun for parents, so that the whole family shares a nice playing moment, and, on the other hand, party games, simple and effective, for both family and friends, kids and grown-ups.

Ilopeli’s games are divided into two lines. The games of the Futé (wily) line are made of cards and optionally pawns and accessories in a limited quantity, packaged in a 135mmx105mm box. Jurassik and Sherlock, Ilopeli’s two first games, belong to this line, which will soon be enriched with several new games. The games of the Ambiance (party game) line are only made of cards and a box measuring 95mmx95mm. OK Corral is the first game of this line.

Ilopeli is built on the expertise of Arnaud Urbon, who created several games like Khronos, Utopia, E=m6, and The Secret of Monte Cristo. Besides, Ilopeli is always looking for new talents and new games that might fit into one of our two game lines. We will therefore be happy to see games prototypes if they are in line with the criteria mentioned. You may come to meet us at a gaming convention or festival or contact us via this websites’ contact form.