OK Corral


Three to six cowboys have planned to meet in OK Corral to settle scores and fight suspensefully… In this game, you embody a trigger-happy cowboy in search of gold and fame. To win, you can only count on your reflexes, and will have to put your feelings aside!


The rules of the game are available in the four following languages:


Une vidéo de présentation du jeu est disponible. Il suffit de cliquer sur le téléviseurs pour accéder à la page l’hébergeant.


The game is made of 55 cards, including 6 Character cards, 47 Action cards, 1 Loot card, and 1 Nuggetcard.

Action card – Hold-up

Action card – Duel

Action card – Shot

Action card – Nugget





Character card – Colonel

Character card- Expert

Nugget card

Loot card





Each player gets a Character card that he places in front of him. The Loot and Nugget cards are placed in the middle of the table. The Action cards are shuffled and dealt to the players, who put them in a deck in front of them, face down.

Game flow

Each in turn, the players turn over the Action card placed on the top of their decks. The quickest or the slowest, according to the card, to perform the action described on it takes the card. But a real cowboy has a special posture: one hand next to his deck of cards, the other on his hip. Those who do not abide by this code of conduct will be irreparably riddled with bullets… When all the cards have been turned over, the players count the points of the cards they have accumulated, each star being worth one point, and each skull taking one point out. The cowboy with most points is Ok Corral’s best gunslinger !

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