Wacky Challenge

boite3d_debout_plus-cartesWith this new game of the Smart line, you are about to embark on a crazy race ! During 5 turns, you will try to reach as many stopover towns as possible using the different vehicles available.
Each player has 5 cards in hand that show a vehicle and a route section with a number of steps. Each one of the players gets the 5 vehicles.
A hierarchy, which will evolve during the game, indicates which vehicle is the fastest for the turn. 
 To begin, the players choose simultaneously a “Vehicle” card from their hand and reveal it.
 The player who has selected the fastest vehicle chooses first the route card that comprises the most steps, among the available ones. The other players take turn doing the same.
 The last player to choose his route section will be able to use his booster, which is a power specific to the pilot he controls, as a support for the following turn.

wky parcours cartes

 The played “Vehicle” cards become available “Route” cards for the following turn, which can now begin.
 You will have to plan in which order you will play your vehicles, according to your booster and the route sections at stake.
 After the 5th turn, the player whose route crosses most steps wins the game.


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